Tract Number Profile

An identification number assigned to a unit of contiguous land that is under one ownership and that is operated as a farm or part of a farm. An owner is a person or business having deed to the land.

Tract numbers are assigned by an FSA county office, and are unique within that office''s farms. A Tract Number is used in conjunction with a State FSA Code and County FSA Code for uniqueness.

Tract numbers are not necessarily unique based upon State ANSI Code and County ANSI in instance where the ANSI codes are not the same as the FSA codes.
Property Definition
Example 1
Data Type Code Integer
Minimum Length Number 1
Maximum Length Number 7

Business Rules

Source Description
Acreage Crop Reporting This field is Mandatory
Acreage Crop Reporting Must be among the list of tracts associated with Farms as found in CLU the layer
Acreage Crop Reporting Must use active combinations of Administrative State FSA Code, Administrative County FSA Code, Farm Number, Tract Number, Field Number, and CLU Identifier per FSA Farm Records